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Davide Andrea in JamesTown

My name is Davide Andrea
I am 47 years old.

I am an electronics consultant
in Boulder, Colorado USA.

    I drive a Sparrow,
a small electric vehicle
Sparrow electric vehicle

Davide Andrea announcing on the radio

KGNU logo

     I am also a volunteer at KGNU,
a great little community radio station.

This is my girlfriend Ann. We got together thanks to
Ann smiling

As an electronic design engineer,
I have developed an applet
to help me assign part numbers
to the components in my products.
It is based on my years of experience
in electronic components.
I would like to share it with you,
to save you time and ease your work.
PartNumber concept

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters gave me this Volunteer of the Year Award for my volunteer work in community radio.
NFCB 2003 volunteer of the year award

I like to write short shories from my experiences.

 Segway class 03/09/03


Putting KHEN on the air
KHEN's 1st day on the air



 Rasta Pasta 07/21/02


Italy, June '03



I wrote down some ideas that I had.

Incas' stones A theory on how the Incas were able to fit stones so perfectly.
Is there a God? A theory on how we may experience a non-existent God.

Here are some EV related pages.

Gizmo vs. Sparrow A comparison of the 2 electric vehicles.
EV design handbook A handbook with information useful when designing an EV.
By Carl Lawrence.

You may contact me at:
P.O. Box 80306-4825 USA
1davide<you know what goes here>